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2014 Sermons

January 2014

January 5,"Loves Pure Light"   Pastor Barry

January 12,"Come Before Winter" Pastor Barry
January 19,"Finishing What You Start" Pastor Barry
January 26,"Stepping Into a Place You Do Not Belong"  Pastor Matt


February 2014

February 2,"Present Grace" Pastor Barry
February 9, "Lessons Learned from an Atheist" Pastor Barry
February 16,"Dedicated to the Lord"  Pastor Matt
February 23,"Called to Lose Ourselves" Pastor Barry


March 2014

March 2,"Blinded by the Light"  Pastor Matt
March 9,"The Face of Holiness"   Pastor Barry
March 16,"The Bible Fact or Fiction"  Pastor Barry
March 23,"Christ, Our Good Shepard"  Pastor Matt
March 30,"The Calming Shepard"  Pastor Barry


April 2014

April 6,"Christ, Our Sustaining Shepherd"  Pastor Matt

April 13,"Christ, Our Kingly Shepherd"  Pastor Barry
April 20,"Christ, Our Sacrifical Shepherd"  Pastor Barry
April 27,"Christ, Our Loving Shepherd"  Pastor Barry


May 2014

May 4,"Our Victorious Shepherd"  Pastor Barry
May 11,"When God Calls Your Name.... Twice"  Pastor Barry
May 18,"Praying for Your Prodigal"  Pastor Barry
May 25,"From Heart Break to Heart Burn"  Pastor Barry

June 2014

June 1,"Am I Building a Sand Castle or a Stone Castle"  Pastor Barry
June 8,"God Chose the Poor"  Pastor Barry
June 15,"The Devotion of a Disciple"  Pastor Matt
June 22,"I Thrist to be More Thirsty"  Pastor Barry
June 29,"The Great Co-Mission"  Pastor Matt


July 2014

July 6,"Not Peace But Shalom"  Pastor Matt
July 13,"Experiencing God's Love"  Pastor Barry
July 20,"Do You Feel Like Quitting"  Pastor Barry

July 22,"Leading Upward"  Pastor Barry
July 27,"Have We Lost the Mystery of Being Barefoot"  Pastor Barry


August 2014

August 3,"When God Gets Exhausted"  Pastor Matt
August 10,"Fatherly Wisdom"  Pastor Matt

August 14,"God With Us_Choose Life"  Pastor Barry
August 17,"Dark Night of the Soul" Pastor Barry
August 24,"An Audit of the Heart"  Pastor Barry
August 31,"Turning Hearts Toward Home" Pastor Barry


September 2014

September 7,"You Tick Me Off"   Pastor Barry

September 14,"The Fool On The Hill"  Pastor Barry
September 21,"The Beautiful Design"  Pastor Matt
September 28,"edited Darwin or Design"  Pastor Barry


October 2014

October 2,"Darwin or Design Part 2"  Pastor Barry

October 5,"edited Darwin or Design part 2"  Pastor Barry
October 12,"Learned from Noah's Ark"  Pastor Barry
October 19,"At the King's Feast" Pastor Matt
October 26,"Canvas of Darkness"  Pastor Barry

November 2014

November 2,"A Fortress of Hope in Un"  Pastor Matt
November 9,"In the Fathers House"  Pastor Matt
November 16,"Its Friday" Pastor Barry
November 23,"God's Gifts for God's Kingd"  Pastor Matt
November 30,"Christ Our King"  Pastor Matt


December 2014

December 7,"Oh You Better Watch Out"  Pastor Barry
December 14,"Mysterious Light of the World"  Pastor Matt

December 21,"Are You Ready"  Pastor Matt
December 24,"God's Will Be Done"  Pastor Matt
December 28,"A service of lessons"  Pastor Barry

January 2,"Beside the Flickering Light"  Pastor Matt

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