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2015 Sermons


January 2015

January 7,"Come Before Winter" Pastor Barry

January 13,"Joined Through Baptism"   Pastor Matt

January 20,"Here I AM"   Pastor Matt

January 27, "Not So With You"   Pastor Barry



February 2015

February 3,"What Are My Rights"  Pastor Barry

February 9,"Building My Life"  Pastor Barry

February 16,"How the Bible Changes Me"   Pastor Matt

February 23,"Is the Bible Trustworthy"   Pastor Barry

March 2015

March 3,"How the Bible Opens My Eyes"   Pastor Barry
March 9,"How To Study The Bible"   Pastor Barry
March 18,"What Does This Mean"   Pastor Matt
March 23,"Integrating the Word"   Pastor Matt
March 31,"The Face of Innocence"   Pastor Barry

April 2015

April 9,"Life"  Pastor Matt
April 14,"Hiding In The Dark"  Pastor Barry
April 23,"Times of Refreshing"  Pastor Barry
April 28,"Faith or Fear" Pastor Matt

May 2015

May 5,"Love"  Pastor Barry
May 14,"Youve Got A Friend"   Pastor Barry
May 19,"Thought Blessed Sent"   Pastor Matt
May 26,"Are We Afraid"    Pastor Matt


June 2015

June 2,"The Divine Dance"  Pastor Barry

June 9,"Do Not Lose Heart"  Pastor Barry

June 17,"Homesick In The Tent"   Pastor Barry

June 23,"Proclaim Him From the Rooftops"   Pastor Barry

June 30,"Suffering and Satan"   Pastor Matt

July 2015

July 7,"Faith Front and Center" Pastor Matt

July 14,"Behind The Curtain"   Pastor Barry

July 21,"Breathe on Me Breath of God"   Pastor Luecke

July 28,"The Problem of Pain   Pastor Barry

August 2015

August 4,"Counseling That Crushes"   Pastor Barry
August 11,"A Savior to the Suffering" Pastor Matt
August 18,"Is There Life After Death"   Pastor Barry
August 25,"A Voice In The Storm"   Pastor Barry


September 2015

September 1,"The Facade of Faithfulness"   Pastor Matt

September 8,"Hospitality"   Pastor Matt
September 15,"Shaping Young Hearts And Minds"   Pastor McCall
September 22,"What Do You Want To Be Great At"   Pastor Barry
September 29,"Tired of Abundance"   Pastor Matt

October 2015

October 6,"Thank You Notes"    Pastor Barry
October 13,"That One Moment"   Pastor Matt
October 20,"A Holy Waste of Time"   Pastor Barry
October 27,"The Hunger for Hope"   Pastor Matt

November 2015

November 3,"Hope Waits In Darkness"   Pastor Barry

November 10,"A Tale of Two Trees"   Pastor Barry

November 17,"Go Your Way"   Pastor Barry

November 23,"Help Is On The Way"   Pastor Matt


December 2015

December 1,"Will It Be Hollow Days or Holy Day"   Pastor Barry

December 8,"Bruised Fruit"   Pastor Matt
December 16,"The God Who Sings"   Pastor Barry
December 20,"Madonnas Greatest Song"   Pastor Barry
December 24,"Hallelujah"   Pastor Barry
December 27,"Gods Promises Fulfilled"   Pastor Matt

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