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2016 Sermons


January 2016

January 7,"Who's There?"   Pastor Matt
January 12,"Boys and Girls This is Football"   Pastor Barry
January 19,"The Beginning of Great Things"   Pastor Matt
January 25,"B-I-B-L-E"   Pastor Barry


February 2016

February 2,"Love Is Gritty"   Pastor Barry

February 9,"Strength for the Journey"   Pastor Matt
February 16,"Spiritual Growth - My Job or Gods"   Pastor Barry
February 23,"Imitate Jesus"   Pastor Barry


March 2016

March 1,"The Voice of God"   Pastor Barry

March 8,"Solitude and Silence"   Pastor Barry
March 15,"Extravagence"   Pastor Barry
March 22,"Reshaped Expectations"   Pastor Matt
March 29,"He Is Risen So What"   Pastor Barry

Lent 2016

February 16,"Mt Ararat"   Pastor Barry

February 23,"Mt Moriah"   Pastor Matt

March 1," Mt Sinai"   Pastor Matt

March 8,"Mt Nebo"   Pastor Matt

March 22,"Mt of Olives"   Pastor Matt

April 2016

April 4,"Living In The Shadow"   Pastor Barry

April 12,"The Gift of Life" Pastor Steigemeyer  

April 19,"When Time Becomes Eternity"   Pastor Matt

April 26,"Out With The Old"   Pastor Matt

May 2016

May 3, "O The Places You Will Go"  Pastor Barry
May 10,"The Invisible Woman"   Pastor Barry
May 17,"The Towers We Build"   Pastor Barry
May 24,"A Trinitarian Life"   Pastor Matt
May 31,"The Faithful Servant"   Pastor Matt

June 2016

June 7,"A Tree Planted Long Ago"   Pastor Barry  
June 14,"Charge It To My Account"    Pastor Barry
June 20,"Choosing Not To Remember"   Pastor Barry
June 28,"Beware Of Strangers With Strange Teach"   Pastor Matt

July 2016

July 3,"Hospitality To The Faithful"   Pastor Matt

July 10,"A Tale of Three Men"   Pastor Barry

July 17,"Who Are You"   Pastor Barry

July 24,"Beware Of What Is Wrong Love What"   Pastor Matt

July 31,"Be Strong Together"   Pastor Barry

August 2016

August 8,"He Is Able"   Pastor Barry

August 15,"By Faith"   Pastor Barry

August 22,"The Door"   Pastor Matt

August 28,"A Needy Soul"   Pastor Barry

September 2016

September 6,"The Groundwork Of Faith"   Pastor Matt
September 12,"The Sheep And The Flock"   Pastor Matt
September 19,"God Is Building A Home"   Pastor Barry
September 26,"Fear Love And Trust In God"   Pastor Matt

October 2016

October 3,"If You Could Ask One Question"   Pastor Barry

October 10,"With Thanks"   Pastor Matt

October 17,"Faith In The Voting Booth"   Pastor Barry

October 24,"Whose Mercy"   Pastor Matt

October 31."The Freedom Of Truth"   Pastor Matt

November 2016

November 7,"The Names Of The Dead Before The L"   Pastor Barry

November 15,"The Story Money Tells"   Pastor Barry

November 22,"The Heart Of The Tithe"   Pastor Barry

November 28,"Wake Up It's Time"   Pastor Matt

December 2016

December 5,"Strength In Weakness"   Pastor Matt
December 12,"How To Be Patient"   Pastor Barry
December 19,"Expect the Unexpected"   Vicar Dagan
December 24,"Loves Pure Light"   Pastor Barry

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