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2018 Sermons


January 2018

January 7, "The Long Road Toward Obedience" Pastor Barry

January 14, "Hineni" Pastor Matt

January 21, "Numbering Our Days" Pastor Barry

January 28, "Fishers of Men" Pastor Matt


February 2018

February 4, "Still I Rise" Pastor Barry

February 11, "I Have A Plan" Pastor Matt

February 18, "The Greatest Temptation" Pastor Barry

February 25, "Five of the Most Sought-After Things in Life" Pastor Barry


March 2018

March 4, "The Fool On The Hill" Pastor Barry

March 11, "God In Action" Pastor Eugene Reddel

March 18, "Misguided Ambitions" Pastor Barry

March 25, "The Face of Innocence" Pastor Barry


April 2018

April 1, "Why Do You Seek the Living Among the Dead?" Pastor Barry

April 8, "Doubters Welcome" Pastor Barry

April 15, "Repent and Return" Pastor Barry

April 22, "What's in a Name" Pastor Barry

April 29, "The Test of Truth & Love" Pastor Barry

May 2018

May 6, "Love, That's What It Is All About" Pastor Hartman

May 13, "A Prayer Larger Than Ourselves" Pastor Barry

May 20, "The Breath of God" Pastor Barry

May 27, "The Paradox of Faith" Pastor Barry


June 2018

June 3,  "A Tree Firmly Planted" Pastor Barry

June 10,  "Is the World Out of Control?"  Pastor Barry

June 17,  "How Long...?" Pastor Barry

June 24,  "Upsetting the Status Quo" Pastor Gandy


July 2018

July 1, "Trust Issues" Vicar Brian 

July 8,  "One Thing" Pastor Barry

July 15, "How Big is your God?" Pastor Ben 

July 22, "Crying Out Like Christ" Pastor Ben 

July 29,  "Just Drop the Blanket" Pastor Barry



August 2018

August 5, "Drowning in a Sea of Anger" Pastor Barry

August 12, "God Is" Pastor Ben 

August 19, "Praising God as One" Dr. Chris Wicher

August 26, "Water into Wine" Pastor Ben 


September 2018

September 2, "What Defiles a Person?" Pastor Gandy

September 9, "Bringing Souls to Christ" Pastor Barry

September 16, "Faithless Generation" Vicar Brian

September 23, "Keep Your Friends Close" Pastor Ben 

September 30, "Praying for Healing" Pastor Barry



October 2018

October 7,  "In the Beginning" Pastor Ben

October 14,  "The Law of God is Good" Pastor Gandy

October 21, "We're All the Same--Sinners and Saints" Pastor Barry

October 28,  "The Masks of God" Pastor Barry


November 2018

November 4, "Living in the End" Pastor Ben

November 11,"Making A Case For Our Hope"Pastor Barry

November 18, "The Perfect Dilemma" Vicar Brian

November 25, "Fear, Love, and Trust" Pastor Ben

December 2018

December 2, "Holy Days or Hollow Days" Pastor Barry

December 9, "The Bell of Hope" Pastor Barry

December 16, "Lessons and Carols" Pastor Ben

December 23, "A Faith That Flows" Vicar Brian

December 30, "How Was Your Christmas?" Pastor Ben







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