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Come, let us worship the Lord. 
St. Luke offers five worship services each week as opportunities to receive God's grace through Word and Sacraments and to offer Him our worship and praise. We invite others to join us at any time.
"I was glad when they said unto me, 'Let us go into the House of the Lord'". (Psalm 122:1)
  Worship Schedule

Traditional Worship Service

  •   6:00 pm Saturday  

  •   8:00 am Sunday 

  • 10:30 am Sunday   


A blended service of traditional liturgy and music, along with newer hymns and responses.
Note: Saturday evening worship services will be held outdoors in our pavilion during the summer months.


New Life Worship

  • 10:30 am Sunday  

        Activity Center

Built on the solid ground of God's Word with contemporary music and on-screen visuals. This service speaks to today's needs in a relevant and timely manner. 

To inquire about any of our services please call us at 724-352-2777.

Communion Schedule

8:00 am Sunday Services

  • First Sunday of the month

6:00 pm Saturday Services

  • Second Saturday of the month

10:30 am Sunday Services

  • Third Sunday of the month

10:30 am Sunday Services

  • Fourth Sunday of the month

​​To inquire about any of our services please call us at 724-352-2777.

Special Services


  • Ash Wednesday  7:00 pm

  • Lenten Wednesdays 7:00 pm


  • Palm Sunday  

          8:00 am Sanctuary

        10:30 am Sanctuary

        10:30 am Activity Center

  • Maundy Thursday  7:00 pm 

  • Good Friday 4:00, 7:30 pm


  • Saturday Easter 6:00 pm

  • Sonrise Service - 6:00 am (meet at church and walk reverently to the cemetery)

  • ​ Easter Sunday Services - 

         8:00 am Sanctuary

       9:30 am Activity Center       

       11 am Sanctuary



Combined Worship

  •  10:30 am  St. Luke Cabot

   Held annually on a Sunday in August. 

   There are no other services that              weekend.


Thanksgiving Eve

  •   7:00 pm  



  • Wednesdays in Advent

          7:00 pm


  • Christmas Eve Eve

          7:00 pm  

  • Christmas Eve - Candlelight

          3:00 pm  Sanctuary

          5:00 pm  Sanctuary

          5:00 pm  Activity Center

          7:00 pm  Sanctuary

        11:00 pm  Sanctuary*

  • Christmas Day 

          10:00 am  Sanctuary*


New Year's Eve

  •    6:00 pm  Sanctuary*


​To inquire about any of our services please call us at 724-352-2777.

*with communion

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