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A small, but dedicated group of seamstresses from St. Luke meet regularly in the Social Hall at St. Luke Butler.  They received a request for 200 dresses from a church in Rochester, NY. to help  meet a goal of a total of 1,000 dresses. The dresses were loaded onto an international mission ship. Thirty-six of the dresses made by St. Luke members were sent to a missionary in the Marshall Islands.  Linda Bogan and Darlene Garcia head up this group of nimble fingered ladies.  They feel that this group helps to serve the Lord with dress-making, but the ladies are also blessed with fellowship by getting together with women and growing in skills as well as   faith.   

They are an "arrive when you can, leave when you must," kind of group. St. Luke started it's first Dress-A-Girl group about four years ago after Darlene visited her sister and attend a "sew Along" there. Darlene and Linda thought this would be a good group to increase the activity of the women of St. Luke and make them more aware of LWML. They were able to partner with the annual Servant Day/House Build and make dresses with 10 ladies participating for the first time. Darlene makes the patterns from the Dress-A-Girl-Around-The-World website. She usually cuts  out  the  sun-

dresses and Linda works on the skirts for T-shirt dresses.

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Assembled kits contain most of the things required to complete the dresses.  The kits are stored in the Resource room at St. Luke Cabot and in the Narthex at St. Luke Butler.  People are welcome to take kits home and bring them back when the dresses are completed.  The group recently moved its meeting place from St. Luke Cabot to St. Luke Butler.  It is an especially welcomed bonus to be given storage space, so supplies don’t have to be brought in for every meeting. This is a wonderful way to show God's love to young girls you may never meet and impact their lives in ways you may never know. Contact Linda or Darlene through the church office at 724-352-2777 if you would like to help.

We meet twice a month on the third Tuesday and first Saturday of the month from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

at St. Luke Butler. Check announcements for dates.

We're hope to see you there!

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