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Go beyond Sunday...ongoing education througout the week.

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Free to use through our church subscription

On line Bible studies, videos, and kids programming.

Contact the church office at 724-352-2777 for more details.

For information about Children's Sunday School, please visit the Worship page under Children's Sunday School or click on the link.

For information about Bible Studies, please visit the Worship page under Bible Study or click on the link.

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Confirmation is a custom of the church and is not a sacrament. It links us to our Baptisms, celebrates the reception of the Lord's Word among us and, in cases where the Confirmands have not yet communed, welcomes them to the Lord's Table.


Confirmation declares of a person that he or she is a Christian who has been baptized, confesses the faith, and is in communion with Christ and His Church. The reception of Confirmands to the Lord's Table assumes that ongoing learning and spiritual growth is the way of life for the faithful Christian. The Rite of Confirmation emphasizes God's work in Baptism, the gift of faith, and the promises of the Lord's Supper for all who believe in Christ and the words of His testament.


Youth are prepared for Confirmation by participating in the religion classes in St. Luke Lutheran School or the Youth Confirmation Classes, held during the 9:15 am. Sunday School hour at the church. Adults who wish to be confirmed in the Lutheran Church at St. Luke participate in the Discipleship 101 Class: Discovering Membership in Christ's Body.


For more information about Confirmation, contact the church office, 724-352-2777.



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Should you desire to consider membership at St. Luke, the first step is to begin or continue worshipping with us regularly, so as to join with us in praising God and hearing His Word.  This would also give you the opportunity to get to know some of our members.  Our new member class Discipleship 101:  Discovering Church Membership is usually offered twice a year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring. 


Whether you are thinking of becoming a member or would just like to know more about what we teach at St. Luke, Discipleship 101 is where you will learn the difference between being a member of the church and being a disciple of Jesus; between knowing Christ and being committed to Christ; between practicing a solitary faith and belonging in the “community of faith” with other devoted Christians.


D101 is an informal study, but it is intensive and right from the Bible.  You may just listen, or you may ask questions.  No memory work is required.  There is no obligation to join our church when the course is finished.  These sessions may be among the liveliest Bible study classes you have attended, involving our current members with people from all types of church backgrounds and some with no church background at all.  We hope you’ll join us! 


Once you complete D101 you will have an opportunity to submit a membership form.  This will be reviewed and approved by our Board of Elders and then a date will be set for formal reception as a member of St. Luke, be that by direct transfer from another LCMS church, Adult Confirmation into the LCMS, or Profession of Faith.   Once you are received as a member we hope you will continue your Discipleship Journey by continuing in our Discipleship Class Series: 


Discipleship 201:  Discovering Spiritual Maturity

Discipleship 301:  Discovering My Ministry

Discipleship 401:  Discovering My Life Mission


Contact the church office for information about "Steps to Becoming a Member".

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