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Katie's Kitchen

Katie's Kitchen was inspired by the story of Martin Luther's marriage to former nun Katharina "Katie" Von Bora in 1526. The new couple moved into an old Augustinian monastery in Wittenberg, Germany.

Luther would often have many visitors and borders at the monastery and wanted to extend them hospitality.  Katarina turned the entire monastery grounds into a garden to feed their guests.  

Katie’s Kitchen is a free community meal co-sponsored by St. Mark’s and Trinity Lutheran Churches and is supported by donations.


St. Luke members volunteer throughout the year, often using this as a service opportunity for families.

Meals are served at no cost to those in need in the community of Butler every Thursday from 

5:00 - 6:00 pm at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. ​

If you would like to serve in this capacity as an individual, or a family, please contact Brenda Fett through the church office at 724-352-2777 for the next day St. Luke members will help serve.

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