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Questions about NYG:

Thursday, July 11th


Tuesday, July 16th

1)     Who's going on the trip?

2)    How are we getting there?

3)    Where are we staying?

4)     Room Assignments

5)     T-Shirts

6)     Team Building Event

7)     NYG Bible Study

8)    Optional Activities

1) NYG Participants & Chaperones

NYG Participants & Chaparones

a)  Group Leader - Vicar Brian Bocian

b)  Adult Chaperones

Ben Berteau, Crystal Berteau, Stephanie Brick, Kelly Carney, Sarah Cook, Angela Turner, Brian Bocian

c) Youth

Ash Abernathy, Nikki Ambrose, Summer Arner, Brooke Arner, Kayla Bloom, Kayla Carney, Matthew Carney, Alyssa Gundell, Anna Fabrizzi, Zac Hassler, Kelli Kovalick, Abby Markle, Shelby Markle, Grace Poeppel, Dori Shearer, Sadi Shearer, Annabelle Turner, Aleah Young

NYG Gathering 2019.jpg

2)  Travel Arrangements

Travel Arrangements

a)    Flight information:

Depart from St. Luke at 8:00 am. 

Departing flight:  Thursday, July 11th

*Pittsburgh Airport to Midway Airport

  Southwest Airlines flight# 788

  departing @ 10:55 am  & arriving @  11:20 am

*Midway Airport to Minneapolis St. Paul Airport

  Southwest Airlines flight#5950

  departing @ 2:50 pm  & arriving @ 4:20 pm

*Shuttle from airport to Embassy Suites Hotel in Bloomington

Returning flight:  Tuesday, July 16th

*Minneapolis St. Paul Airport to Midway Airport

  Southwest Airlines flight#2199 

  departing @ 8:45 am  & arriving @  10:25 am

*Midway Airport to Pittsburgh Airport

  Southwest Airlines flight# 4543

  departing @ 12:50 pm & arriving @  3:15 pm

b)    What to bring:

This summer, those who are under 18 do not need any identification if traveling with an adult who has identification. Youth and Chaperones 18 and older WILL NEED to use their current PA Driver's License or PA Identification Cards to board flights.

3) Accommodations:


We will be staying at Embassy Suites Bloomington.

2800 American Blvd West

Bloomington,  MN  55413

Map of Embassy Suite location.jpg
Embassy Suites Bloomington.jpg

4)  Room Assignments:

      Room 1

      Brian Bocian

      Ben Berteau

      Ash Abernathy

      Matthew Carney

      Trevor Schroeder







Room Assignments

  Room 2

  Stephanie Brick

  Abby Markle

  Shelby Markle

  Brooke Arner

  Summer Arner

Room 3

Angela Turner

Kelli Kovalick

Annabelle Turner

Sadi Shearer

Room 5

Sarah Cook

Anna Fabrizzi

Nikki Ambrose

Kayla Bloom


5)  T-Shirts

T-shirt #1.jpg
T-shirt #2.jpg

Here is what our final T-Shirt design looks like.  They will be printed soon!

Room 4

Crystal Berteau

Aleah Young

Grace Poeppel

Dori Shearer

Team Building Event

6)  Team Building Event

Sunday, May 19th  12:45 - 5:45 pm.

Camp Lutherlyn

500 Lutherlyn Lane  Butler,  PA  16001

Team Building 2019.JPG
Vicar Brian - Ropes Course 2019.JPG
Ropes Course - 2019.JPG

7)  NYG Bible Study

There will be a Bible Study each Sunday in June and July leading up to the NYG. We're studying the Psalms. Participants and Chaperones are welcome. We will meet in the Old Schoolhouse adjacent to the sanctuary upper parking lot at the St. Luke Cabot Campus from 9:15 - 10:15 am.

Book of Psalms (002).jpg
NYG Bible Study

8)  5 K Run

5 K Run

This is an optional activity while we are at the NYG. If you wish to participate, there is no on site registration, so you must sign up by June 24th by following the link  There is a $30 fee to participate.

You will need the following information:

Congregational ID: 125197

Congregation Name: St. Luke Lutheran Church

Congregation City:  Cabot

Youth Leader:  Brian Bocian

Hotel:  Embassy Suites Bloomington

Marathon runners.jpg
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