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2 Important Items Below for Pastor Barry's last day...Nov 15, 2020.

A Final Wave Goodbye - 1 Final Surprise

Since Pastor Barry has been there for us and by our sides in so many moments, we wanted to be there as a congregation and community in his final moments at St. Luke before retiring.  We'd love for you to participate.  

THIS IS A SURPRISE!  He does not know the following. 

We are asking you to arrive at Laura Doerr park by around 11:45am on Nov 15th.  Those attending the final service can drive over afterwards.  Line the road right before PB comes through. (We'll alert you that day right before it happens so if you need to stay in your car to keep warm, you can.)  The Neuberts will be driving Pastor Barry and Andie through the park in their antique car(s) passed all of us as we wave and cheer.  

The plan is that the car will pull into the park, drive to the ballfield area, make a turn there, come back through to exit the park (near the pool), & return the family to their cars.   

We want Pastor Barry to have a some moments to himself in the sanctuary before he leaves the building, so we are unsure exactly the time he will be driven through the park.  

With plenty of parking and space we will be able to socially distance.   

Make signs if you'd like.  Have fun with it! 

Currently, these are all the letters that we have to give to Pastor Barry.  



Thank you if you’ve already sent in a handwritten letter or if you’re working on one.  Our goal was to have an overabundance of letters as this is something that he has said touches Pastor Barry's heart. Will you help us to surprise Pastor Barry with an outpouring of appreciation with a large amount of letters?

We will not open your letters.  They will go directly to Pastor Barry.  

We will give them to Pastor Barry on Nov 15 before the 8am service, which is expected to be streamed.  


Please mail your letters by Mon, Nov 9

St. Luke Church
330 Hannahstown Road

Cabot, PA, 16023
RE: PB Farewell 
(This will tell the office to hold the letters with the others)